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The perfect alternative to yacht ownership. If you're searching for a little less commitment, take a look at our lease program.

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Our shared ownership program allows you to own the boat of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.

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Crewed Charters

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There is no better way to enjoy a relaxing day on the water than with a crewed charter! Learn more about our day, overnight and multi-day options.

Charter Boats

Share your boat

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Let Liquidity Yachtshares provide you with the scheduling, billing and management tools to share a boat on your own.

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What we offer

Liquidity offers an assortment of management programs for our owners. Primarily we offer a fractional program in which our clients own or lease a percentage of a yacht. Liquidity plays the role of manager in the relationship between the owners and in the maintenance of the vessel.

We generally manage boats in quarter shares, with each owner contributing 25% to the costs of ownership, while enjoying their vessel up to one week every month. If 7 days a month doesn’t fulfill your needs, then 50% and 75% shares are available as well.

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